susan_smallWhen Executive Business Consultant Susan Beebe stood behind the podium to address WBOC members on Wednesday evening, February 4th, it’s quite unlikely anyone expected to hear the kind of business advice she was about to put forth. Instead of the standard (and often misleading) “five quick ways” to raise profits, she offered trust. In lieu of practical strategy and mundane statistics, she offered wisdom. And in place of promising the moon and stars if attendees opted to work with her, she offered heart.

Susan Beebe is more than just a business consultant; she is also a certified EFT Practitioner. (EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping”, is a form of hands on acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture.) Using both this timeless form of healing and her 30-years of sales and marketing expertise, Susan is turning the lives of her clients around. And it starts, she says, by trusting the wisdom in your heart.

“If we all experience times of challenge, why does it appear some come through it stronger, more focused, with renewed conviction toward achieving their goals, while others seem to remain depressed, stuck in the past, and unable to move forward?” Beebe asked WBOC members. “The faster you recognize that you are at a low point, and the quicker you are to take inspired action by listening and trusting the true wisdom in your heart, the more success and happiness you will enjoy in this lifetime.”

Success and happiness, according to Beebe, are tied closely to whatever our burning desire is. Do we have a burning desire to write? To be closer to family? To get married? Do we have a burning desire to run a multi-six-figure business? Become a dancer or pianist? To find peace in this lifetime? No matter what we want, Bebee advises we do four things for us to achieve our desire:

1. You must determine and define your burning desire.
2. You must commit to never giving up. You will not fail, as long as you never give up.
3. In times of struggle, slow down. Go within and listen to your heart, your inner voice, your intuition, your higher guidance: whatever you call it. You will always hear the answer of what you need to do next to achieve your highest good in this lifetime.
4. Trust the Wisdom in Your Heart and take inspired action based on that guidance, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Dare to be different.

EFT, or tapping, has become an integral part of Beebe’s everyday life, albeit for personal reasons or business reasons. Attendees were able to experience a genuine round of tapping led by Beebe, as they tapped on what burning desire or success looks like for each of them.

If you are in sales and would like to know more about how EFT can work to help increase your profits, Susan is offering a two-day sales training on March 5th and 12th at Café 407 in Liverpool. Space is limited, so early registration is suggested. She is also offering a $50 discount to any WBOC members that attended the February 4th event.
For more information, please visit http://www.TapIntoYourCenter.com/sales-training. To earn your $50 discount, simply enter the code “WBOC.”

Susan Beebe is the owner of Lighthouse Marketing (www.lighthousemkt.com) and Tap Into Your Center (www.tapintoyourcenter.com) She is a 30-year sales and marketing veteran and is happily married with four children.

michelleBusiness Plans come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are written for development over a three or five year period, others are written in the moment as the entrepreneur grows. However the plan develops, one thing is for sure: showing up uniquely is what will get you the clients you crave every time.

At Novembers WBOC monthly meeting, Michelle Howe of Empath Evolution presented to thirty plus women with a question-driven workshop format that had them digging deep for unique answers that could not only help realign their business plan, but strengthen the backbone of their business while bringing eye-opening, lasting results. Some of the questions she provided asked:

What am I providing, solving, creating, teaching revealing?

What are my strengths?

When am I challenged?
What methods have consistently worked to gain clients? What has not worked for me?

According to Howe, powerful questions like these enable the entrepreneur to look deeply within so she may discover how far she is willing to go to strengthen her business.

“You do what your passionate about,” she said. “If your not enjoying it, it’s not going to work. Your customer will sense that.”

Passion is the backbone of what we develop. Uniqueness is what fuel’s that passion. For a prospective client, these qualities are what draw them to a business owner they know, like and trust. When we lack these particular qualities, there is no doubt that we may attract prospects that are the “wrong” prospects. In this, she added that our prized prospect, or ideal prospect, should be an ideal version of ourselves: If we are passionate and unique, we will bring forth passion and uniqueness.

A certified CPA, Howe also included questions that had attendees looking closely at their money story. By honing in on what expenses one incurs a month, as well as the dollar amount in sales, business owners and entrepreneurs can determine where adjustments need to be made. The gift in this, she said, is revised focus, initiative and clarity. By analyzing even the smallest of expenses, we can likely find holes or places where we can cut to save, or up level our strategy to bring in more cash and more clients. In the end, or business is supported by happy clients, a healthy bank account, and continued passion.

Michelle J. Howe of my Empath Evolution (http://www.empathevolution.com/) is a passionate intellectual and business professional. Michelle has extensive professional experience and knowledge as a certified public accountant, business plan coach, consultant and entrepreneurial trainer.  She also has vast experience developing and presenting training programs specifically supporting entrepreneurs and business owners.  Michelle has worked extensively with the WISE Women’s Business Center, the South Side Innovation Center, and other organizations. 

Lauren GruetmanIs blogging on your mind? If not, it should be. In today’s internet intense environment, every small business owner is wise to find ways to actively add content to a blog or their website. Each content rich post made is a signal to Google to point potential customers toward your website.

As most everyone knows, blogging is an important marketing tool that helps to grow your online footprint. Sharing your expertise in regular blog posts has long been viewed by Google and other search engines as a powerful tool to establish authority in your industry.

But with recent changes made by Google in search algorithms (the criteria used to help search engines rank your websites), blogging is even more important than ever.

On April 2, WBOC members and guests had a great opportunity to learn how to blog better from top notch blogger and online maven Lauren Greutman of IamTHATlady.com.

In a few short years Lauren, who is mom to four youngsters and recently hired her husband away from his corporate America job to work full time with Iamthatlady.com, has grown a sizable online following by blogging about her love for helping families live within their means through couponing and finding great deals.

Today, Lauren has more than 30,000 followers on her blog and social media sites, and makes regular appearances on local and even national TV to promote ‘enjoying life on a budget’.

Lauren shared ideas for successful blogging by applying these key principals to gain a loyal following:

•Set up your blog on a well known blogging platform: WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot are a few good ones to consider. Squarespace is a popular free blog platform

• Connect the blog to your website for continuity.
• Delegate tasks others can do better. For example: If you don’t have web design skills, hire a graphic designer to give your blog a professional look. Make sure your blog is attractive and mirrors your brand.
• Attract people to your blog with social media posts. A top notch blog will draw viewers into your story, making them want to be a part of your online community.
• Convert viewers to buyers by offering something free. Create an How to….guide, a resource list, or offer Best Tips. The key is to provide your viewers a way to do something better.
• ‘Close’ the deal – whether a phone call, email inquiry or purchase – by acknowledging your viewer with a follow up email thanking them for joining your blog community
• Helping your customers – not selling – is the best way to approach posting content on your blog.

With so much information to cover and a ton of great knowledge to share, the presentation motivated many questions.

To help WBOC members become more familiar with blogging, Lauren has developed a series of Social Media/Blogging packages that review specific website and social media accounts, and will give ideas for how to grow your online presence through blogging. For more information, you can contact Lauren at lauren@iamthatlady.com . Learn more about iamthatlady.com here.

To network or not to network? That is the question.

For those in attendance at the March 5 WBOC meeting “Power Up Your Network”, the question was already answered. You were there, ‘powering up’ to expand your network and learning new ways to intentionally grow your business contacts.Networking

Syracuse Woman Editor Farah Jadran engaged a lively crowd of business owners and ‘business buddies’ in an animated presentation followed by informal gathering for  “Wine Wednesday” cocktails and conversation.

For those who didn’t make the meeting, the answer to the question is simple – networking is an essential tool in every business owner’s toolkit.

If you’re among the many who cringe at the word (think smarmy handshakes, awkward conversations, opportunistic sales types), simply expand your definition of networking and you’ve won the battle.

Making new connections happens each time you walk out the door or pick up the phone. You may not think so, but your very presence in someone elses circle is the first step to networking.

A simple way to network is to extend a planned meeting or conversation by

  • sharing a new idea
  • asking a question
  • reaching out to offer assistance
  • referring to an accomplishment
  • making any kind of positive and unexpected contribution to the conversation or meeting.

Each time you share an ‘other oriented’ comment beyond what is expected, you expand your influence in the mind of a colleague or acquaintance. That unexpected conversation makes you and your services more likely to be remembered when the next opportunity comes up for a business lead.

Networking is a lot of things, but it is never just meeting and greeting activity. Some of us are good at it and enjoy the process, others not so much. When you think of networking as a regular part of your every business day, you will begin to expand your circle and influence naturally, avoiding the stress that makes you avoid the activity.

Whether you join local business groups like WBOC, attend business mixers, sign up for educational seminars, or go to the next Speed Networking event – or whether you don’t - your everyday actions to connect with people in and around your business are a form of networking that will lead to new opportunities.

So, go on out there.  Be fabulous and confident as a networker, however you accomplish it!


Speaking of networking – there are two great WBOC networking opportunities coming up you will want to attend.

  1. Better Blogging: Better Business WBOC April Meeting,  A WBOC presentation rescheduled from February by professional blogger Lauren Greutman of IAmThatLady.com. Join Lauren and fellow women business owners as she shares how blogging engages the hearts of customers to build loyalty and increase sales.Wed. April 2, 4:30 to 6:00 pm. To register, WBOC Events 
  2.  12th Annual WISE Symposium A full day conference attended by 1000 women featuring seminars and panel discussions offering practical advice covering topics from all aspects of the business world; motivational speeches from local and nationally-known successful women business owners; many networking opportunities; an interactive business expo; and much more. Keynote speakers this year are Stella and Dot founder Jessica Herrin, and Melinda Emerson, creator of Small Biz Lady. To register or for more information. Tuesday, April 8,  9:00 – 5:00 pm.

WBOC member and online marketing strategist Stacey White, of Stacey White Solutions, was the presenter at the January 4th WBOC meeting held at the Genesee Grand Hotel. Stacey shared her perspective on the power of video for business and why business owners and consultants should consider incorporating it into their marketing mix. Here she follows up with the nuts and bolts of how to create your own videos. Be sure to take advantage of Stacey’s free Make Great Video Guide, available by download at the end of the article.


iphone videoToday’s technology makes it incredibly easy to make online video.  As America’s Funniest Videos and YouTube show, any person with a camera can shoot a video. And today’s cameras, as well as YouTube, make it very easy to share videos with the world.

But video for business is different.

If you want to reap the marketing benefits of video, you must do these things:

  • Make videos that meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Place them on the Internet in a way that will facilitate your target audience will find them.
  • Create videos with a level of quality that reflect the quality of your products and services.

As a business owner, professional or entrepreneur, the videos you present to the world matters: You want people to find your videos, watch them, and then take action. Making your own videos is not hard, but there is a learning curve and few things of which you should be aware.

Here are some tips that you can use to get started.

Equipment There are so many ways to capture video. To discuss equipment you have to decide what video “format” to use. One way to think of video formats is direct-to-camera and “everything else.”

Direct-to-camera means that you or your spokes person is presenting directly to a camera.  Your audience can see you as you share your message.

“Everything Else” is video that does not focus on a person presenting directly to audience on camera.  Screencast video is a popular type of “everything else” video format.  If you’ve ever watched an automated slideshow presentation, or a video demonstration of how to use a piece of software, then you’ve seen a screencast video. Another example are videos that use still photos, words and music to tell a story.  Animation is another type of “not direct-to-camera” video.

So, the KIND of videos you want to make determine the KIND of equipment you will choose.

For direct-to-camera, I recommend:

  • A simple camera that accepts an external microphone
  • An external microphone
  • A tripod
  • A holder that allows you to connect your camera to a tripod if you camera does not have the screw threads on the bottom.

Camera: Keep it simple.  The more complicated your camera is, the more stuff you’ll have to learn in order to make your videos. If you want a hand held camera, consider using your iphone, iPad, or an iPod Touch. Android phones can be used but adding a microphone is tricky because every manufacturer’s phone behaves differently with an external microphone. Two models I recommend are the Kodak zi8 digital camera and Canon Vixia.  Whatever model you choose, be sure it accepts an external microphone.

External Microphone: Use an external microphone with your handheld camera. The microphone focuses on YOUR voice and makes your videos appear more professional.  Without the external microphone, your audio will sound  distant and you will pick up sounds in the area or room, including the hum of any large electrical appliances. You can buy an inexpensive wired lapel mic (lavalier) for under $30 on Amazon. You can also attach a handled boom microphone and place the microphone on a microphone stand.  Stands cost around $30 on Amazon.  Boom microphones cost around $60 on Amazon.

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you need a microphone adapter so  the device will pick up the microphone.  This may also be true for other smart phones: check with the manufacturer to see if an external microphone can be used. I buy my adapter from KVConnection.com.  Here is the direct product link.  I strongly recommend you buy from KVConnection and not try to shop around because you may not get what you think you are getting when you purchase else where. And yes, this one adapter works with all of the Apple mobile devices.

Tripod: Use one! Or your video will be shaky and have that “documentary on the fly” look.  You can get an inexpensive tripod for around $25.  Even if you plan to place the camera on a table and sit in front of it while you shoot, use a tripod.  I like the Joby flexible table top tripod because allows you to bend the legs of the tripod to get the exact angle you want.

Tripod adaptor: You only need this if your mobile device does not have tripod screw threads. Apple products don’t have tripod screw threads, as is true with most smart phones.  A good one is  Square Jellyfishe Smartphone Spring Tripod Mount.What ever you choose to buy, make sure that it does not cover the microphone jack and the power supply connector and will not drop your device.

There is more to consider when making your own videos for your business. I created a downloadable guide to help you get started:  Make Great Video Guide  Good luck!

And of course you can contact me at Stacey@StaceyWhiteSolutions.com directly if you have any other questions about making videos.

strong armRight about now, lots of people are running around like proverbial headless chickens thinking they will never get it all done.

End of year is a busy time, no doubt. And small business owners get a double whammy, with the much anticipated yet harrying 20% sales bump during the holidays. Even more if you’re retail oriented.

Despite all the hoopla, you can end the year strong by considering these tips to get you and your business ready to head into 2014 just a little stronger.

Contact Your Customers
The holidays are the naturally festive time to say “Hello” and “Thanks”. Time and time again, research shows that customer service is the make-it-or-break-it factor in business today.

Good customer service begins and ends when you take time to acknowledge your customer. What better way to build a little trust than to call or write your best customers before the year is over?

  • Write a note (yes, handwritten) to your top 3 customers. Say hi. Say thanks. Say anything to make them know you’re thinking of them and you care.
  • Send holiday cards. Don’t underestimate the power of this tried and true communication piece. When was the last time you didn’t open a Christmas card or Holiday email?

Check Up on Your Numbers
You have to get ready for taxes anyway, so you might as well open up that accounting software – QuickBooks, Peachtree or whatever – to see what’s going on with your profits, losses and activity in between. Take a few minutes, or an hour, to review where you can change direction, add a product, or cut costs to profit even more.

If the prospect of looking at all those numbers is daunting, call your bookkeeper, or hire a bookkeeper, to help you get a grip on your financial condition.

Commit to Learning at Least One New Thing in 2014
You are never be too old, too busy, or too smart to learn something new.

Before the calendar turns to 2014, find one or two things you want to get better at, or maybe even master. Then find an online course, buy a book, or hire a coach to make it happen.

I’m taking an online Google Analytics course- Digital Analytics Fundamentals- offered free by Google Analytics Academy. I’ve wanted to get smarter about website statistics for a while now. So, I’m starting my online course right after Christmas. What about you? What do you want to get better at?

Give Your Time & Talents
Cash is cool, and certainly needed by every charity. But you’ll get more bang in your giving, and build your business credibility, when you find a way to get personally involved.

Volunteering gives you regular opportunities to gain visibility, meet people you would otherwise not meet, and have conversations that could become links to your next customers.

There are so many terrific not-for–profits –  the Rescue Mission, Red Cross, Salvation Army  or any number of local charities and organizations, it shouldn’t be hard to find a place to contribute a few hours a month. Or consider offering your specialized services to a professional organization in your your industry. What a great way to get connected to like-minded folks, and help your greater industry at the same time.

Take Time for Yourself
This goes without saying, but you gotta recharge your batteries from time to time. Now is the time.

The pace of life today is fast, and most of us don’t take time to build reserves, fill our tanks, and breathe.

Research shows that people who value the need for sleep (a solid 6+ hours/night and no distractions from TV or electronics) are more productive, more alert, and even more creative than those who don’t. Sleep is just one way to slow the pace. Find your way.

Do yourself a favor and do something for you. Whether that’s going to bed early for a sound night of shut eye, a day off to go see a friend, or just a power nap. Take a break.

Then build that into your routine for 2014. You’ll be glad you did when 2015 rolls around.


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